A Bit About Me

Ever since I received my B.Sc. from Brock University, I knew that I wanted to teach mathematics. I earned my M.Sc. from the University of Manitoba and my Master of Mathematics for Teachers (M.M.T.) from the University of Waterloo. I have taught at several institutions across Winnipeg including the Canadian Mennonite University, the University of Manitoba and the International College of Manitoba. Over the last two years, I worked in a joint position with the Faculty of Education and the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, teaching mathematics for pre-service teachers. Now, as a college professor at Okanagan College, my focus is on connecting to the teaching community and developing research in mathematics education.

Master of Mathematics for Teachers, University of Waterloo
Graduated: Fall 2015
Capstone Project: Proof Techniques: The Uniqueness Method
Master of Science (Mathematics), University of Manitoba
Graduated: Summer 2010
Supervisor: Dr. Eric Schippers
A Study of the Geometric and Algebraic Sewing Equations
Bachelor of Science (M.I.C.A.), Brock University
Graduated:  Summer 2008
Minor: Biology
Concentration: Pure Mathematics

Bridging Mathematics & Mathematics Education
researchED Washington, D.C.

Quizzing Software in the Mathematics Classroom
PIMS Emerging Mathematics Instructor Workshop, Winnipeg, MB

Instructional Videos in the Mathematics Classroom
CHARGE Conference, Winnipeg, MB
Connecting the High School Pre-calculus Curriculum with Higher Education
MAMT Math Outside the Perimeter, Selkirk, MB
The Flipped Classroom Model in Post-Secondary Education
CMS Summer Conference, Winnipeg, MB
Matrix Vector Products of the Coefficients of the Conformal Welding Maps
CMS Summer Conference, Winnipeg, MB

3 thoughts on “A Bit About Me

  1. Hi, I found your blog while searching for feedback on Waterloo MMT program. I have noticed that you’ve done MMT and another masters, may I ask why? What made you decide to get two masters, and what makes MMT stand out from a “regular” masters in math?


    • Hey Jackie,
      the MMT is designed for high school teachers who might be looking to upgrade or extend their learning in many areas of mathematics. I took the second masters since I am heavily focused on mathematics teaching within my career, and I thought it would help me stand out from the crowd. It also allowed me to take some math courses that I wasn’t able to during my undergrad/grad programs such as math finance or cryptography. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at bryan.penfound@gmail.com. 🙂


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